Joint Letter Against the War in Ukraine of the Russian Scholars Working in Finland

WE, Russian scientists and researchers, working in Finnish universities stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues, their families, Ukraine, and all the people who oppose the war. We declare a strong protest against the war with Ukraine. We call to end this war immediately!

We find no justification for the invasion and utterly condemn this unprovoked military assault. We reject Vladimir Putin’s distorted historical revisionism, myths and cynical lies that deny the right to self-determination of the Ukrainian nation and justify Russia’s imperialism. We condemn the Kremlin’s horrific misinformation campaign as well as Putin’s misrepresentation of Holocaust history to justify the war.

No to war in Ukraine! Putin’s war against Ukraine must be stopped!

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Statement of MAGIC scientists in solidarity with Ukraine

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About me

I’m an astrophysicist at University of Oulu. The focus of my research to date has been on the study of the physics of accretion disсs and the evolution of close interacting binary stars such as cataclysmic variables (CVs) and low mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs). In my research, I have mostly been basing on observations, but also I am interested in the observational techniques, methodology development and astrophysical modelling. My tools are spectroscopy, high-speed photometry, and time series analysis techniques. In addition, though I have previously worked mostly in the optical, I have also recently started in a new direction, in which I try to tackle similar problems associated with the interpretation of X-ray, UV and infrared data.

Current and Recent Students

  • 2021: Iikka Mäntynen (MSc, now a PhD student in University of Turku), Jussi Hedemäki (MSc)
  • 2022: Aleksi Mattila (MSc)
  • 2023: Aki Ruokanen (MSc), Miikka Siitonen (MSc), Paula Kvist (Msc)

Research Interests

  • Interacting binary stars (Cataclysmic variables and Low Mass X-ray Binaries)
  • Accretion discs
  • Time series analysis
  • Image processing, data analysis
  • Computational astrophysics


Recent Research Highlights

February 15, 2017: A study of the highly-evolved post period-minimum dwarf nova SSS J122221.7−311525.

November 2, 2014: A low-mass black hole in SWIFT J1753.5-0127.


Key/recent publications

  • Neustroev V.V. & Mantynen I.: “A brown dwarf donor and an optically thin accretion disc with a complex stream impact region in the period-bouncer candidate BW Sculptoris”, 2023, MNRAS, 523, 6114 (Open access).
  • Neustroev V. & Zharikov S.: “Voracious vortices in cataclysmic variables. II. Evidence for the expansion of accretion disc material beyond the Roche lobe of the accretor in HT Cassiopeia during its 2017 superoutburst”, 2020, A&A, 642, A100 (14 pages) [arXiv:1908.10867]
  • Subebekova G., … Neustroev V., et al.: “Structure of accretion flows in the nova-like cataclysmic variable RW Tri”, 2020, MNRAS, V. 497, pp.1475-1487 (13 pages)
  • Mennickent R. E., … Neustroev V., et al.: “On the long-cycle variability of the Algol OGLE-LMC-DPV-065 and its stellar, orbital, and disc parameters”, 2019, MNRAS, V. 487, pp. 4169-4180 (12 pages)
  • Hernandez Santisteban J. V., Echevarria J., Zharikov S., Neustroev V., et al.: “From outburst to quiescence: spectroscopic evolution of V1838 Aql imbedded in a bow-shock nebula”, 2019, MNRAS, V. 486, pp. 2631-2642 (12 pages)
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Key/recent MAGIC publications

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