Vitaly Neustroev’s classes

I have taught and am teaching various courses at the University of Oulu. Some of them are no longer part of the official study program, but I keep the links to the corresponding lecture notes on this website:

Autumn 2019: Stellar Atmospheres (765629S) – an advanced course (10 credits)

Autumn 2020: Time Series Analysis in Astronomy (767301A / 767601S) – an intermediate & advanced course (5 credits)

Autumn 2020: Astrophysics of Interacting Binary Stars (765642S) – an advanced course (5 credits)

Two other courses, “Observational Astronomy” and “Astrophysics”, will be given in Fall 2023 and Spring 2024. I removed their lecture slides from previous years and they will become available while the courses proceed. Anyway, if you have been my student and would like to read those lecture notes please contact me and I will provide you with them.

Autumn 2023: Observational Astronomy (765640S) – an advanced course (5 credits)

Spring 2024: Astrophysics (765649S) – an advanced course (10 credits)