Accretion disc structure and its evolution through an outburst cycle

The main sources of information about CVs are the light curves and emission lines originating primarily in the accretion disc. The properties of the disc change dramatically during an outburst. Time-resolved optical spectroscopy helps us to probe the physical conditions within the disc while the light curves can be used to find information about the geometry of the system. For analyzing these types of data, Doppler tomography and various methods of Time-Series analysis are widely used. I have been involved in work undertaken to
examine a distribution of emission regions in the binary systems at different stages of the outburst cycle. I also write my own analysis software and utilities since my research is often beyond the normal capabilities of standard analysis packages. Such studies have produced some interesting results related to this problem (Neustroev et al. 2006; 2008; 2011; 2016a).