The Bright Optical Transient OT J122221.6-311525.

Update (Mar 21, 2013):
The object is wobbling around V=17.7. The variability is quite strong, and the period of primary modulation is nearly the same, ~110.6 min. However, recently a new, longer variability has appeared. It produced a relatively strong peak in the power spectrum. The period of this modulation is ~203.7 min.

Update (Mar 12, 2013):
We have proceeded with time-resolved photometric observations. It seems the system has reached its quiescent level even though a quite strong night to night variability is observed. The modulation is still strong, but its behaviour is now more complex. Nevertheless, the period is nearly the same.

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Current light curves:

Current Power Spectrum (JD 2456357 – 2456368):

Current Folded Light Curves (JD 2456357 – 2456368):