Research Interests

  • Interacting binary stars (Cataclysmic variables and Low Mass X-ray Binaries)
  • Accretion discs
  • Time series analysis
  • Image processing, data analysis
  • Computational astrophysics

Key/recent publications

  • Aleksić J., …, Neustroev V., et al. (the MAGIC Collaboration): “MAGIC observations of MWC 656, the only known Be/BH system”, 2015, A&A, 576, id: A36, (5 pages)
  • Neustroev V., Veledina A., Poutanen J., Zharikov S., Tsygankov S., Sjoberg G., Kajava J. J. E.: “Spectroscopic evidence for a low-mass black hole in SWIFT J1753.5-0127″, 2014, MNRAS, V. 445, pp. 2424-2439 [arXiv:1409.4423]
  • Kato T., …, Neustroev V., et al.: “Survey of Period Variations of Superhumps in SU UMa-Type Dwarf Novae. VI: The Sixth Year (2013-2014)”, 2014, PASJ, V. 66, id.9071 (71 pages)
  • Neustroev V.V., Tovmassian G.H., Zharikov S.V., Sjoberg G.: “Steps towards a solution of the FS Aurigae puzzle – II. Confirmation of the intermediate polar status”, 2013, MNRAS, V. 432, pp. 2596-2614
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