an advanced course (10 credits)

at the Space Physics and Astronomy research unit, University of Oulu

The course period: January 10 – April 29, 2022

Lectures take place usually on Monday and Wednesday at 14-16, exercise and practical sessions on Friday at 10-12, see Peppi for detail. However, classes on Friday will only occur when I announce them!

The course is lectured in English

Teacher: Vitaly Neustroev, MA 308, vitaly[-at-]neustroev.net


Course plan:

  • Stellar structure and evolution
  • Radiative processes
  • Stellar photospheres
  • Interstellar Medium
  • etc…

Theoretical and practical considerations will be supplemented with the home exercises which constitute the important part of the course.



  • Lecture 1: January 10: Introduction (What is Astrophysics and Theoretical Astrophysics? Astronomical units)
  • Lecture 2: January 12: Stars (Role of stars; Definition; What can we learn from observations? Properties of stars; Stellar timeline)
  • January 14: NO CLASS