Autumn trips

This autumn has been busy for me!
In September, I participated in the workshop “The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects – IV.” in Palermo (Italy) and have given two talks: “Systematic search for post period-minimum cataclysmic variables: A short review.” and “Voracious vortexes and accretion disc radii in cataclysmic variables: a short review.”.
In October, I have traveled to Chile for observations in the La Silla Observatory. I also visited ESO Headquarters in Santiago and Universidad de Concepción, where I have given two identical talks “Revealing new candidates for post period-minimum cataclysmic variables among WZ Sge-type stars”.
In November, I have visited Tuorla Observatory to participate in “Nordic Optical Telescope observing course”, during which I lectured students to prepare and perform observations with the NOT telescope.

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